If you are in the furniture manufacturing industry and looking for specialty hand tools, Furniture Components have what you are looking for.


An extensive range of Industrial Hand Tools is stocked in New Zealand by Furniture Components for the upholstery, bedding and cabinetry industries. These specialty hand tools are essential in the manufacture and recovery of lounge suites and sofa's (webbing pliers & stretchers, spring systems & clips), working with upholstery fabric and leather (staple removers, regulators, industrial hand sewing needles, mallets, punches & awls, tailors chalk, tailors shears, tucking tools), applying decorative trim (rubber mallets, magnetic tack hammers, button moulds & dies).

For the bedding trades hog rings & pliers, tufts and tufting tools are also readily available. In addition to our standard hand tool range Furniture Components is able to source, upon request, an even wider range of specialty industrial hand tools from our supplier C. S. Osborne (USA) including Leather tools, Masonry tools, Saddlers tools and Modellers tools.

From S. A. Delahousse (France) a wide range of European tufting needles and tufting equipment, ventilators & setters together with presses are also available. Wherever there is a need for specialist furniture trade tools then Furniture Components stand ready to assist with expertise and knowledge.

We access the finest quality tools available in the world. We welcome your enquiry.




  • Cotton Filler Cord
  • Braided Cotton Cord
  • Braided Nylon Cord
  • Rope-style Cotton Cord
  • Hollow Plastic Cord
  • Marine Calking
  • Beehive Wicks
  • Welt Cords

All piping cords can be seen by following this link:- http://www.furnco.co.nz/shop/upholstery/piping-cords/