At furniture components our furniture fittings include an extensive range of webbing, decorative nails, sofa bed and chair mechanisms, piping and more.


Lounge furniture manufactured in New Zealand is of a very high standard that can be seen from the variety and quality of the ‘upholstery trims' used during production. At Furniture Components we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of elastic webbings, piping cords and zipping as well as numerous plastic glides, chair cushion glides, decorative nails and cushion fillings that meet the highest standards.

Furniture Components also offers several different models of sofa bed mechanisms to New Zealand manufacturers that range from the simplest tri-fold (folds into three sections) with polypropylene sprung mat and foam mattress through to superior bi-fold (folds into two sections) mechanisms with flexible slat sleeping surfaces and innerspring mattresses that offer a comfortable sleep without roll together. Recliner chair mechanisms are also supplied for assembly into finished recliner chairs.

If you are looking for component items to complete your lounge furniture then Furniture Components is the first place to look. We welcome your enquiry.




  • Cotton Filler Cord
  • Braided Cotton Cord
  • Braided Nylon Cord
  • Rope-style Cotton Cord
  • Hollow Plastic Cord
  • Marine Calking
  • Beehive Wicks
  • Welt Cords

All piping cords can be seen by following this link:-