At Furniture Components we know that quality motion furniture manufacturing requires quality fittings, that’s why we stock Sedac-Meral of France mechanisms.

Furniture Mechanisms

Furniture Mechanisms 

The heart of all quality Motion Furniture requires mechanisms of great design that have stood the test of time. Reliability and ease of use are prerequisites from the design team of Sedac-Meral of France. These are the units sourced and assembled by Furniture Components. 

SOFA-BED mechanisms range from the purely functional to the deluxe. They can be Lift-out, Fold-out or Pull-out depending on your preferences. These models will accommodate Foam, Innersprung or Futon Style Mattresses. Depending on the furniture design there is a bed mechanism and mattress available to compliment any lifestyle.

RECLINER CHAIR mechanisms include the fixed stationary ‘Zero-wall Recline’ to ‘Rocker Recline'Whether it’s for chairs or sofa’s Furniture Components will have a mechanism suitable for just about every conceivable use.




  • Cotton Filler Cord
  • Braided Cotton Cord
  • Braided Nylon Cord
  • Rope-style Cotton Cord
  • Hollow Plastic Cord
  • Marine Calking
  • Beehive Wicks
  • Welt Cords

All piping cords can be seen by following this link:-